Монитор LCD 27" DELL C2722DE HDMI, DP, USB-C, RJ-45, MM, IPS, 2560x1440, 99%sRGB, HDR, HAS, Cam 210-AYLV

Код: 101343
Артикул: 210-AYLV
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    Монитор LCD 27" DELL C2722DE HDMI, DP, USB-C, RJ-45, MM, IPS, 2560x1440, 99%sRGB, HDR, HAS, Cam 210-AYLV. Множество преимуществ: представляем первый в мире 27-дюймовый монитор для видеоконференций с разрешением QHD, сертифицированный для Microsoft Teams*, специально созданный для того, чтобы вы могли запускать приложение Teams, присоединяться к собраниям и отвечать на уведомления одним нажатием кнопки. Кроме того, есть светодиодный индикатор, который уведомляет вас о предупреждении Teams. Оптимизация виртуальных совещаний.

    Характеристики Монитор LCD 27" DELL C2722DE HDMI, DP, USB-C, RJ-45, MM, IPS, 2560x1440, 99%sRGB, HDR, HAS, Cam

    Тип устройства монитор
    Диагональ экрана 27 "
    Покрытие экрана Антибликовое
    Поддержка сторон 16:9
    Тип матрицы IPS
    Технические характеристики
    Рекомендуемое разрешение 2560x1440
    Контрастность (статическая) 1000:1
    Контрастность (динамическая) 1000:1
    Яркость 350 кд/м2
    Время реакции 8 мс 5
    Частота обновления 60 Гц
    Угол обзора по вертикали 178 °
    Угол обзора по горизонтали 178 °
    Глубина цвета 16.7 млн. цветов
    Размер пикселя 0.2331 мм
    Входы Ethernet (RJ-45)
    USB-C 3.2 Gen 1 upstream/DisplayPort 1.4 (power up to 90W)
    USB-C 3.2 Gen 1 downstream (power up to 15W)
    DisplayPort output (MST)
    USB 3.2 Gen 1 downstream with Battery Charging 1.2
    USB 3.2 Gen 1 upstream (Type B)
    2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 downstream
    DisplayPort 1.4
    Количество HDMI 1 шт
    Функциональные возможности
    Встроенная вебкамера
    Потребляемая мощность 26.5 Вт
    Стандарт безопасности и сертификаты TCO
    Energy Star
    Комплектация Кабель DisplayPort
    Кабель USB-C
    USB 3.2 Gen 1 upstream cable
    Дополнительно Security lock slot
    Наклон -5 °/+21
    Поворотный экран
    Габариты (ШхВхТ) 612.34- 53.93-425.43 мм
    Вес 5.74 кг без підставки
    Гарантия 36 месяцев
    Параметри упаковки
    Ширина 170 мм
    Высота 490 мм
    Длина 830 мм
    Вес 12.45 кг
    Объем 0.0691 м3

    Описание Монитор LCD 27" DELL C2722DE HDMI, DP, USB-C, RJ-45, MM, IPS, 2560x1440, 99%sRGB, HDR, HAS, Cam

    LCD 27" DELL C2722DE HDMI, DP, USB-C, RJ-45, MM, IPS, 2560x1440, 99%sRGB, HDR, HAS, Cam 210-AYLV. 

    Team up. Seamlessly.
    One button. Tons of benefits: Introducing the world’s first 27-inch QHD video conferencing monitor certified for Microsoft Teams*, purpose-built so you can launch the Teams application, join meetings and respond to notifications with a press of a button. Plus, there is an LED indicator to notify you about a Teams alert.
    Streamline virtual meetings: With an integrated pop-up IR camera, dual 5W speakers and noise-canceling mic, this display delivers simplified collaboration wherever you work.
    Quick, safe protection: Save time signing in with secure, Windows Hello facial recognition that’s faster than remembering and typing your password.
    Personalized convenience: Say what you need and let Cortana* do the rest with hands-free commands.
    Jumpstart productivity: Simply press the monitor power button and the power sync feature seamlessly starts your monitor and connected Dell PC, even when the laptop lid is closed. Compatible with select Dell PCs.*
    World-class video conferencing
    Immersive collaboration: Simplified collaboration offered with an integrated IR camera for FHD video conferencing with dual 5W built-in speakers that can deliver communication from any workspace, quashing background chatter with its noise-canceling microphone.
    Enhanced security: The pop-up web camera hides safely out of sight when not in use, and there’s an intelligent layer of security with facial recognition through Windows Hello.
    Seamless video from all angles: FHD video with 30 frames per second rate delivers seamless, media-quality video and stunning screen clarity. The 178°/178° wide viewing angle presents superior views and consistent colors ideal for video conferencing.

    Your productivity hub
    Connect to productivity: With wired connectivity options like RJ45 and USB-C®, your monitor delivers reliable Ethernet*, power, audio and video—all in a clutter-free setup.
    The power of USB-C: Get up to 90W of power delivery via USB-C, and charge your laptop (even when the monitor is off) with the Always On Power Delivery feature. This single-cable solution also saves up to 72% of workspace setup time*, reduces cable clutter and transmits power, data and audio—all at once.
    Quick convenience: Plug in whatever you need and keep it in reach with the two, super speed USB 5Gbps (USB 3.2 Gen1) quick-access ports. There’s even space to charge your mobile phone (up to 15W power charging) with the USB-C quick-access port.
    Enhanced manageability: Managing your monitor is easy with MAC Address pass-through*, PXE Boot, and Wake-on-LAN conveniently built in.
    Multitask efficiently: Connect two PC sources to the monitor—our intelligent Auto KVM feature detects the second connected PC and seamlessly switches controls over. KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) allows you to control both PCs with a single keyboard and mouse. Plus, you can enhance efficiency by 21%* by adding a second monitor via the daisy chain feature.
    Collaborate in comfort
    Crafted for eye wellness: ComfortView Plus* is an always-on, built-in low blue light screen that optimizes eye comfort by reducing potentially harmful blue light emissions while delivering excellent color accuracy.
    Designed with you in mind: Navigate the menu and adjust screen settings with the easy-to-use joystick control.
    Beauty meets function: This sleek monitor features a small base and an improved cable management design that hides cables in the monitor riser, for a clutter-free desk space at your office or home office.
    Comfort is key: Tilt, swivel, pivot and adjust the height of your monitor to a maximum of 120mm because you should be comfortable however and wherever you work.
    Dell Display Manager
    Productive at every level: Easy Arrange allows you to easily tile multiple applications across one or more screens with 38 pre-set window partitions and the ability to personalize up to five windows, giving you improved multitasking abilities.*
    Seamless transitions: The auto-restore feature remembers where you left off, so applications will go back to where you left them, even after you’ve unplugged.
    More ways to manage: Asset management reports allow IT managers to quickly capture and track monitor information as well as configure multiple monitors at once through a single setup.
    The key to convenience: Shortcut keys can save you even more time, letting you easily configure your display management settings so you can get to work faster.
    Expanded compatibility: With support for multiple operating systems*, Dell Display Manager helps you stay productive however you work.

    Green thinking: for today and tomorrow
    Environmental standards: This monitor meets the latest regulatory and environmental standards such as EnergyStar®, EPEAT®* Gold, RoHS Compliant and TCO Certified Edge.
    Eco-conscious packaging: To reduce our manufacturing impact on the environment, this monitor is shipped Styrofoam-free and the packaging is made of at least 75% recycled cardboard.
    Energy conservation: Save energy when your monitor is not in use with PowerNap*, a feature that dims or puts your monitor to sleep when it’s not in use.
    Advancing sustainability: Dell Technologies is committed to reducing environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle. Read more about our commitment to sustainability and our 2030 Social Impact goals here, and our product’s carbon footprint here.
    Connectivity Options
    1. Security lock slot | 2. Power connector | 3. HDMI port | 4. DisplayPort in | 5. USB-C upstream/DisplayPort | 6. DP port (out) | 7. USB-B upstream port | 8. Super speed USB 5Gbps (USB 3.2 Gen1) | 9. Super speed USB 5Gbps (USB 3.2 Gen1) | 10. RJ45 connector | 11. Super speed USB 5Gbps (USB 3.2 Gen1) | 12. Headphone jack | 13. USB-C downstream port | 14. Stand lock

    Страна производитель: Китай

    Диагональ экрана, дюймов
    Тип матрицы дисплея
    Монитор LCD 27" DELL C2722DE HDMI, DP, USB-C, RJ-45, MM, IPS, 2560x1440, 99%sRGB, HDR, HAS, Cam 210-AYLV - Отзывы и комментарии:
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